After 58 years in the one house, Ron thought the only way he would leave would be “pulled out face down, leaving scratch marks on the linoleum”.

Loneliness, however, had set in after the passing of his wife, and the demographics of his suburb were changing. His long-term neighbours had moved on, houses had been demolished to make way for units, the local park was replaced by a parking lot and his cul-de-sac became a through-road.

There were more cars, more noise and more pollution.

“The seed was sown,” Ron says. “It was time to move with the times. … I began to search online looking for units and retirement homes in the Coorparoo, Camp Hill and Morningside area.” Then his friend Glen introduced him to Azure Blue Carina.

“He visited me and brought plans and artist impressions of the village,” he says.

“During my private village tour I felt a sense of peace – no more couch. A decision was made to get off the couch and relocate.

“At Azure Blue Carina you will see genuine concern and friendship from staff and residents and an amazing sense of community as this is our home, we are survivors and we want to make a difference to our home and community.”

Ron says that, ultimately, you have a decision: “It’s how you finish, where you finish and with whom you finish that makes the difference.”

Find out more about Azure Blue Carina, or call us on (07) 3155 2130.

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